• Collection of debt of physical persons and legal entities all over the country.
  • Mediation for the reaching to an agreement and the execution of extrajudicial agreements for installment payment.
  • Legal consultations on contract drafting and amending.
  • Filing order, claim and security proceedings against the debtors in front of the respective regional court.
  • Monitoring of such cases.
  • Filing enforcement cases in front of Private Bailiff.
  • Cooperation with Private Bailiff until the due amount is finally remitted to the credit of your bank account.
  • Intermediation when it comes to entering insurance contracts with Insurance Joint-Stock Company “Asset Insurance” JSC.

Work stages:

1.11. Extrajudicial stage including the below-listed actions to be performed within shortest possible terms:

- Send notification letters to debtors;

- Negotiations by phone;

- Visit the debtors in order to study their property status at the moment and get additional information;

- Negotiations for the execution of extrajudicial agreement provided that the provisions of such an agreement have been approved by you in advance.

2.12. Judicial stage – we go to this stage only upon getting your prior written consent

You will get complete information about the status of your debtor and the case costs in advance.

- Open order, claim or security proceeding, depending on the material interest, in front of the regional court operating within the region where your debtor lives or is registered, including claim of all case costs and legal interests;

- Notify the debtor for the court case in order to get the debt paid before the court decision;

- Cooperation with the respective court and monitoring of the case.

33. Enforcement stage – upon getting enforcement sheet issued by the respective regional court

- Open enforcement case in front of a Private Bailiff including new complete study of the debtor to establish all his properties and real estates, schedule property enlisting, enforce seizures on bank accounts, company shares, salaries and so on.