About us

1Credator Ltd. is a limited liability company specialized in collection and recovery of overdue debts both from legal entities and from physical persons within Bulgaria.

Our company employs experts in this field with long-term professional experience, able to assist you to successfully solve your problems in a legal, objective, fast and effective manner.

You will receive services of high quality in the field of extrajudicial and judicial collection of overdue debts, as well as opportunity to enter “Financial risks” insurances via our partner Insurance Joint-Stock Company “Asset Insurance” JSC, and this we will help you develop your business and your relations with other companies and you will not be dependable on your contragents and their financial position. If you are our clients, you will take advantage of the preferential terms and conditions when it comes to entering insurance contracts.

Our goals:

  • To get paid by your debtors this saving you the overdue liabilities collection costs.

  • In case we fail to recover your money – all efforts and actions taken during the extrajudicial procedure shall be for our account.

  • To keep you informed on the development of each of your cases – you will get information on your e-mail within 48 hours from your request.

  • To provide all overdue debt collection opportunities and services as one whole.

  • To provide you with our detailed stance, complete study of the debtor, assessment of chances the debt to be judicially collected and so on in order to give you the possibility to take informed decision for any further actions.